A New Step

While in production of the documentary ECOLUTION the crisis stroke in March 2020, and we got confined. Suddenly, like everything else, it all stopped.


During the months previous the lockdown, my son was asking me to build our homes in Costa Rica on a piece of land by the river, that he purchased a few years before. I was so taken by the work of ECOLUTION that I couldn’t really consider it at the moment. But when the confinement started, I took the time to look at this possibility and I felt the moment had come. For me, and for many, the need for independence and nature living and loving has become more present than ever.

Our land is between the river and the road, it’s around 12 hectares or 30 acres. The river follows for 1 km. We are 30mn drive from the beach.

When I was 20 years old, I made a commitment to myself. I will learn about Arts, Nature and Technology, so one day I would come back to nature and create a sustainable village that would allow living independently out of the unreliable social-political-economical system and in the magical space that Nature offers when you align to it.


Back to now:

Then a friend of mine in Mallorca told me that she had lived with a woman in Costa Rica that had the same dream of mine. She said it was important that I meet her. She organized a virtual meeting and when we talked, we got really inspired. It all started to fit together. The sense of family, the support of wonderful people and my own sons, the resources started appearing and it seemed that the sky was putting it all together.


Suddenly what was a faraway dream became a close reality. I was blocked in Mallorca and everything was opening up in Costa Rica.


The signals were so strong that I finally decided to move to Costa Rica and build a sustainable small village “una aldea” in nature.


An example of a small house or bungalow.

We intend to build homes with natural materials, build a school for children, and offer learning experiences for adults. We are going to build a cultural center, so we can enjoy prolific artistic activities. Everything will run with clean energy, and we are developing a large permaculture ecosystem.
Today we bought 100 cacao plants, some avocado and orange trees. We are going to plant bamboo on the border of the river where it ‘ll grow abundantly.

This is the new step and it’s called ECOLUTION Project.


The ECOLUTION Film will continue in Costa Rica. I’ll be filming the whole process and post it on this website as well as on social media. The film will contain a parallel between Mallorca and Costa Rica that are two countries that have tourism and need to preserve their environment more than ever.



This water fall is a 5-10mn drive from our farm.

I want to thank the people in Mallorca who have participated in ECOLUTION Film. People with a strong purpose who are dedicated to make this a better planet. 

Thank you so much for your collaboration!!! 

I’ll continue this work with you in my mind and spirit. I wish to come back to Mallorca one day with a film to show and celebrate again this wonderful island and people. Thank you.

Keep posted and contact me anytime if you want more information about the project.
We also have a presentation for those who want to invest, participate, volunteer, or work.
email: ecolutionprojectcr@gmail.com


A marvelous project

Dear Antoine,

We have met through friends in Palma de Mallorca and, with your rich and gentle personality, you have created a group of new friends where we have met often and consistently, enjoying learning moments together, sharing experiences and experiences of each of us. You have created an energy, around you, of friends who share with you the love for harmony, sharing and justice. We have done it through art and from listening to others. We will miss you, but I am happy that you can carry out your wonderful project, I will love to come see you and share with your family and new group of friends, your project so meticulously, not only thought over time, but ready to come true! A reality of peace, love and harmony. This is also what I wish you, and I wish so that so many more people can live it, become part of it, and receive it as inspiration and inheritance for the present and the future! A dear greeting and see us soon, congratulations on this project of life Antoine and family! Olivia
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Opportunity for a New Beginning

The current global chaos is a symptom of the pending mass extinction event. It is an expression of an inherent fractal pattern, in which Nature is informing us that our destructive ‘reptilian’ phase of exploiting Nature must come to an end. It is necessary that the ‘reptilian’ dinosaurs, the corporations that control government, stop desecrating Mother Nature for profits. It is time for us to collectively evolve to a higher level of consciousness and adopt the indigenous people’s insight as being ‘gardeners’ that nurture the planet. Nature is now calling us to adopt our ‘mammalian’ character as nurturers.

So where are we at the current moment? The most important point we must recognize is that the current chaos is not a ‘random’ character; it is an expression of an unfolding predetermined pattern. We are observing the collapse of the current destructive ‘reptilian’ civilization while simultaneously seeing the rise of the new, nurturing ‘mammalian’ culture.

The important conclusion of this communication is that the planetary upheaval we are now experiencing is not an ending, but a new beginning, offering an opportunity to birth a new, healthy, sustainable civilization. Employing an understanding of Nature’s inherent fractal pattern will enable human beings to create a social structure that will nurture the planet and its web of life, an evolutionary uprising that will ensure all of life has a chance to thrive into the future.

The conclusion is simple: Don’t focus on the structures that are collapsing. It is time to direct our intentions and our efforts in supporting the rise of a holistic, healthy and harmonious new civilization!

With Love and Light,


Bruce Lipton
Developmental Biologist