The young generation and the generations to come are the first to benefit from this film. Parents, families, educators, organizations and especially people who are not aware of the new evolutionary transition that the world is going through.
Finally, our Nature and the environment will benefit.

This is an urgent matter. It is a wave to catch before other disasters occur. We all have to make a positive change and this film offers us alternative solutions and a guideline for a new lifestyle from which we will all benefit, thus creating a collective movement for sustainability, long-term prosperity and a harmonious way of living. in unity. with nature and our environment.

This film will be screened in schools, institutions, festivals, village squares and social media platforms around the world. The film invites parents, educators and adults to discover how to collectively make the lifestyle changes that we all need to make to create a new inspiring and loving life. Everything is already there for us.

Let’s come together with our neighbors, friends, families and join wise organizations and individuals to progress together towards a fulfilling and abundant life and long-term prosperity.

The funds are used to support the production team, for additional footage and operational expenses.
All other participants contribute freely.
We are a small team and we work with the bare minimum, but efficient enough to be able to broadcast on any platform.
However, this work takes a lot of time and dedication.

It is almost impossible for us to do anything else while we are producing this film. We also want to do the first one before the start of the school year so that our message can be taken during the summer holidays and start the new school year with a clear vision of our possibilities of belonging to the new evolutionary transition.

So we need your help NOW !!!

Anything can help. He can pay for food, gas, transportation, office, publishing, social media distribution, studio maintenance and most of all for people who work so hard for many months with generosity and dedication for the good of all.

We are now self-funding this film, and we need your elder.

The ecological situation is alarming, our children are afraid for their future. They say “the house is on fire” and the latest events provide ample proof of this. So if we are on fire, we better go fast, and to do that, we need adults to support the actions of the new generation.

Because the urgency is extreme, we must finish this documentary as soon as possible, so that we can start showing the film in schools, institutions, public places, cinemas, in village squares and on the web.

Your support confirms our collective desire for change. This will encourage young people and supporters to continue the struggle, it will give us the tools to impact the corrupt economic and political system and create significant ecological and economic changes for better coexistence with nature and the environment.

Your contribution is the breath we need to continue.

On behalf of our children, our oppressed populations, our animals who die billions per day, our disappearing forest and on behalf of the majority of the population of this planet who wants to live in harmony and peace with nature, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our souls.

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